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Now started with the SchieDistrict Talent pool!

Talents for the SchieDistrict

Do you want a challenging career in an innovative environment?

Then choose a career path in the SchieDistrict.
The SchieDistrict is an area on the border of Schiedam and Rotterdam where the municipality of Schiedam works together with companies on innovation and development.

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In addition to investments in training, innovation and development, there will also be
invested in new housing making the area besides career prospects also one of the most beautiful areas to live.
As a first step, several innovative companies in the SchieDistrict have have joined forces. They offer graduating or graduated HBO/WO students employment.

You will be employed by one of the companies where you can experience where your passion and future lies. After 6 months you can switch to another company if you wish. Do you like you job and would you like to continue your career with this company? Then this is possible!

Interested? Please contact us: carriere@talentenschiedistrict.nl

Founding Fathers of the SchieDistrict Talent pool are: Boers & Co Precision Solutions GroupFMI InstrumedMetrohm Applikon and Orga.

Founding Fathers

Boers & Co Precision Solutions Group, is a group of innovative companies working together in the high-tech industry. We have managed to bring together the broad base of talents and the many different educations of our 125 colleagues into a successful and enthusiastic team. Something we are proud of!

Our cooperation is focused on the engineering and production of: precision mechanics, sheet metal – and mechatronics.
Connected by our knowledge and passion we strive together with our colleagues, customers and suppliers to the highest desired quality and continuity. We have been doing this for over 125 years!

At Boers & Co, reliability is at the top of the list. With our great experience and knowledge, we are able to deliver the best quality. This means that Boers & Co uses only the best suitable materials and processes, and that the delivered products meet specifications. First time Right, we call that.

To be a reliable partner, Boers & Co only builds long-term relationships with colleagues, customers and suppliers. The relationships that want to grow together with us are the ones we bind to us. The joint pursuit of continuity is beneficial to all parties in the long term.

Our company is located in the SchieDistrict in Schiedam and with our fine team of motivated employees we get the best out of ourselves every day and try to achieve our common goals.
Boers & Co is a growing and profitable organization where you can focus on your personal development and future!
Take a look at our website: https://www.boers.nl

We are FMI Instrumed, a full service contract manufacturer located in the SchieDistrict in Schiedam.

Among other things, we make implants for the medical and high-tech market, increasingly using smart 3D technology printed from titanium powder.

Besides the medical market, we serve the high-tech sector, which has precise and demanding components.With an enthusiastic and driven team of 70 employees, FMI Instrumed has now been in existence for 60 years.

We are an international organization; our customers are located in Europe and America.

Our strength is that we have all the techniques and competences in-house to make a complete end product, a one-stop shop! As an employee at FMI, you can get the best out of yourself. Thanks to the diversity of products and services, you can gain a lot of experience, which FMI will gladly guide you with!

Take a look at our website: https://www.fmi-international.com

Metrohm Applikon is part of the Swiss company Metrohm.

We are an organization that focuses on the development and production of process analyzers. These process analysers are used in the (chemical) industry for the chemical analysis of (especially) liquid flows.

Metrohm now has 70 enthusiastic employees and has been located in the SchieDistrict in Schiedam for 40 years.

Metrohm invests not only in the development of the production of process analyzers but also in the development of its employees. As a result, we have a driven and skilled team who can put their qualities to work at Metrohm every day.

By cleverly combining mechanics, electronics (mechatronics!) and software, Metrohm is able to offer all customers a tailor-made solution for their chemical problem.

As a result, our work is always at the interface of all these disciplines and is often complex but never boring! Every customer and every system is different.

Metrohm is a particularly stable organization that continuously invests in innovation and development.

Take a look at our website: https://www.metrohm.com

With nearly 50 years of experience, Orga is the trusted partner of choice when it comes to protecting people, the environment, and assets.

Orga has been providing high-quality and efficient solutions for marking obstructions and landing areas to ensure safe operations since 1973.

At Orga, we develop smart offshore and onshore obstruction marking for wind turbines, high-rise and telecom towers, circle-H helicopter deck lighting, navigation aids and power supply systems, among others. In short, a lot of work is going on at Orga. In addition, there is an extensive range of services – and support capabilities.

We are 100% committed to meeting our customers’ goals and exceeding their expectations with total dedication. We do this together and with a lot of fun!

We have great knowledge and understanding of local and international laws – and regulations.

At Orga we focus on quality and innovation, for this reason we are constantly working to improve and expand our company’s product portfolio.

Orga has about 200 employees worldwide! We have branches in the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, Denmark and Spain. Orga can also be found in Dubai, Singapore, Malaysia and Brazil. We work with international partners and agencies to deliver our smart solutions to customers all over the world.

Take a look at our website: https://orga.nl